Due to unexpected planetary movements, this is the end. 

But you can follow me here:

The adventures of


Amelia and Elisha

Old footage from a trip last year.


Our friend Dave.


A little film clip I shot for my house mate Dave. Legend. 


Pens and Paper

Just some drawings I have been doing lately, bought some cheap water colour pencils from Kmart, but forgot to buy a paintbrush so I've been using cotton tips instead...probably not the greatest idea...


North Country

playing on our mountain. 

Filmed by little tripod friend
 Edited by T
Music by P

Skate or die

My amazing cousin Marlee getting into skate boarding, no doubt he'll kill it at skating just like he seems to every other spot. Little charger!!

Filmed by P
Edited by T & P


Cabbages and Kings

By T.

Gilligans Last Elephant.

Indeed it was Gilligan's last elephant, it always is. This Is myself and my giant friend Abby. We like all kids of giant things, like teacups and french chefs and making audition tapes and never posting them. You should look at her blog HERE. Yes sir. 


One Heavy February

Some pictures of my niece taken a few years back in the leafy suburbs of Perth.



Carry Nation

I did this shoot a while back featuring the amazing babe Jessie of Carry Nation and her boyfriend Todd. Check out her sweet tunes here. She will rock your world.


Remembering Summer.

Once upon a time there was summer. Then it left and everyone was cold. The end.


The Wild.

A little clip we made whilst on an adventure in the north of WA.

Directed by Tansie 
Filmed by Peter
Music by Devendra Banhart


the 70's

My mother was an Australian Champion Gymnast and mega babe. Didn't inherit her flexibility but I think I did get her dress sense.


(Left in photo 3 and middle in photo four.)

Ain't nothin gonna stop a cowgirl.